PETA Posts A Catnip Recipe for People


PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an American organization that has been promoting the implementation of animal rights in a variety of different industries since the 1980’s. They are reported to have an estimated 6.5 million members and make around forty-eight million dollars per year.

Since PETA is not very well known for their cookbooks, it might be a little surprising that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have provided a recipe for pot brownie lovers called Special Colorado ‘Catnip’ Brownies. The recipe can be found on their website. Although PETA is typically known for their fight against animal cruelty, the organization has also found time to create vegan recipes to help supporters maintain their vegan lifestyles. PETA typically tackles issues related to the exploitation of animals by fur industries, cosmetic industries and farming industries to name a few. The catnip recipe can be seen as a way to decrease the use of products from dairy and farming companies, where PETA claims animals are treated inhumanely.

The recipe was originally published in 2014, when Colorado first legalized the sale of marijuana. PETA didn’t waste any time trying to provide a vegan alternative for the edibles market and rightly so since the U.S has seen an increase in veganism since 2014.  PETA’s Catnip brownies differ from traditional marijuana brownies by substituting out the milk and eggs used in traditional marijuana brownie recipes for a soy-milk alternative and a combination of other alternative ingredients.  There are now a variety of different vegan cannabis edibles available for sale in places like California and Colorado.

Fortunately for us, the Catnip brownies don’t involve any abnormal ingredients in the recipe’s substitutions. Unlike when PETA sent a letter trying to urge the ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, to stop using dairy milk in their ice cream recipe and substitute it out for the only milk PETA recommends for human consumption, human breast milk.

PETA is not an organization that shies away from controversy and that might be exactly why the organization decided to post a recipe for vegan marijuana brownies during the early days of legalization in the United States, when marijuana edibles were more of a hot topic issue. Whatever the reason, you can never have too many brownie recipes.


15 thoughts on “PETA Posts A Catnip Recipe for People”

  1. Wow, I had no clue that PETA even made cookbooks. However, it is not surprising that PETA would get into the “hot topic” issue and create a recipe like this one during the beginning steps of states legalizing recreational marijuana.

  2. We live in an extremely polarized society: democrats vs. republicans, federalists vs. anti-federalists, carnivores vs. vegans, etc. But there’s hope! This post made me realize that one of the few things carnivores and vegans can somewhat agree on is incorporating cannabis into food!

  3. This post made me question what would PETA say/ what is their stance on the use of marijuana for animals/ pets? Interesting topic…

  4. I had no idea PETA had cookbooks, and knowing what I do about them, it’s very surprising. As an organization that is known to be intense and hardcore on the protection of animal rights, I find it almost funny that there is a sector of their organization sitting around writing out pot brownie recipes.

  5. I would have never mentioned PETA and “pot brownies” in the same sentence prior to reading this post. Part hilarious and part interesting, I’m curious to see how many PETA supporters have actually tried their recipe!

  6. I’m so surprised to see that PETA is making pot-brownie recipes. Whenever I think of them I think of their animal protection efforts.

  7. I never would have guessed PETA would be involved in something like this. I’m wondering if this is PETA’s way of getting into the news being that marijuana is a hot-topic right now.

  8. I’m surprised a large organization like PETA made such a fast move to promote themselves into the marijuana industry. I can’t help but wonder if this move stirred controversy to those who support PETA but are against marijuana legalization.

  9. I am fascinated that PETA actually created vegan-friendly “pot” recipes! Hopefully, the recipes are not addictive like catnip. All jokes aside, it is interesting to see organizations outside of the marijuana movement marketing marijuana recipes in order to show support for the movement.

  10. I always find PETA’s position on issues a little murky. I understand the guiding principle: protecting the rights of all animals. But how does that work in practice?

    Marijuana cultivation can be really detrimental to local animals. I read where grows in Northern California are pushing a local species of martens to near-extinction. Should PETA have a position on this? Do weed brownies align with their greater mission statement?

    The internet age makes it tricky for corporate or organizational advertising.

  11. This was very interesting and I will definitely do more research on this. I like PETA’s overall idea when putting out the vegan recipe, as they are keeping up with the trend of the legalization of the substance and promoting health at the same time.

  12. This is bizarre! I didn’t know that PETA distributed cookbooks but it seems like a natural part of their agenda. Extending the recipes to edibles seems like a logical step. I really dislike the name though and it is very difficult not to think of it as a product for cats.

  13. This makes total sense. I always only associated PETA with campaigns for animal rights, but it’s cool to see them going even further to protect animals by enlightening people with alternative recipes for food and now pot brownies.

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